Here at M50, we understand that aging, muscle movement, and exposure to the environment are all unavoidable factors that contribute to the breakdown of collagen in the face, making skin more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles. We offer a variety of treatments available to combat these elements and return your skin to a more youthful-looking, natural state. 

THERE ARE TWO KINDS OF WRINKLES? (as if one type wasn’t enough!!)


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STATIC wrinkles

STATIC wrinkles are caused by gravity, the loss of fat and collagen, and the loss of the skin’s elasticity. These types of wrinkles are visible regardless of the muscle action. They are always there, hence the term “static.” Dynamic wrinkles eventually become static wrinkles. Some wrinkles are really more folds than lines, and may be dynamic or static. The deep lines that run from the nose to the sides of the mouth are called nasolabial folds. Lines that start at the corners of the mouth and go downward toward the jawline are called marionette lines.

DYNAMIC wrinkles

DYNAMIC wrinkles form as a result of muscle motion — including the way we express ourselves — as well as from habitual movement, as is the case of vertical lip lines in smokers and crow’s feet in whose who squint often. When our facial muscles contract, the skin over those muscles stretches to accommodate. When we’re young, our skin bounces back after squinting, smiling or laughing.

Eventually, our skin can no longer bounce back, and the dynamic wrinkles start to become more permanent. The most common dynamic wrinkles are across the forehead, at the outer corners of your eyes (crow’s feet) and between the eyebrows.


What helps with each type of wrinkle?

Dermal fillers add volume underneath the skin to effectively diminish the appearance of static wrinkles.

Neurotoxin is primarily used to address dynamic wrinkles around the forehead and eyes.

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