It's not just about beauty, it's about CONFIDENCE!

Welcome To The Medspa @50th

It's not just about beauty, it's about CONFIDENCE!

Welcome To The Medspa @50th

It's Not Just About Beauty, It's About Confidence!

Welcome to the Medspa @50th.

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At The Medspa @50th, the practice of medicine meets the world of aesthetics in Oklahoma City. Dr. Shaurin Patel, MD, FACOG and his expertly trained service experts provide treatments which aim to boost your confidence and wellness. 

We provide treatments for the body, face and overall wellness. We are excited to offer a variety of nonsurgical treatment options that range from completely non-invasive to minimally invasive treatments that can be performed safely in the comfort of our new facility under the expert direction of Dr. Patel, a board certified doctor. 

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We are particularly excited that all our treatment options are safe and effective and can be used on ALL SKIN TONES. Before, many people with skin tone on the higher range of the Fitzpatrick scale were not a candidate for services that utilize radio-frequency or lasers. Now, technology exists whereby Dr. Patel and our certified service experts can adjust energy and frequency levels to truly customize a safe and effective treatment which delivers results for people with the fairest to the darkest of skin tones!

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